Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A new companion and a new city


Otaru, Japan
Wow, this is Kelson's dad.  A lot has happened in a short time.  Kelson got to Japan and was welcomed warmly.  His parents are calling him the Golden Child.  We have explained that it might not always work out the way you want and he says don't worry it will!  We have been all following Elder Baden Rostedt's emails he has sent from his mission.  Kelson has been every excited to learn of his journey (Elder Rostedt has been very descriptive in his communications and it has been fun to follow him).  Kelson wanted to be his companion sometime on his mission.  When I talked to him the other day for the airport, I asked him is there was a certain city he wanted to live in within his mission and he said Otaru.

Well.......guess what!  The Golden Child got it all.  He is companions with Elder Rostedt and he is assigned to Otaru!  We are soooooooooo excited for him.  Someone in Otaru is waiting for this kid to touch their life.  At least 100 people!  As you can see in the photos below, he is all smiles (as is his family).

Here is the email Kelson sent us after getting to Japan....

Hi family. I'm safe in Japan and I'm loving every second of it. I keep being baffled looking at the buildings wondering where the heck I am. I keep thinking it's Salt Lake. Then I see Kana (Japanese writing). It's so so so awesome. Well I don't have a ton of time, but I will tell you the coolest thing ever. You will never guess who my Trainer is. Elder Rostedt is my trainer. Whoever would've guessed it. When I told him that I had gotten and read all of his emails, he said "Yup that sounds like my dad" not surprised at all. Also we are in Otaru. Somebody is watching out for me and caring for me. I love you all, and was so glad to hear your voices. Love you a ton.
Elder Kelson Eliot


Elders' Eliot and Rostedt

All smiles

Kelson's companion and Mission President and Sister Nakatsuka

The last supper! Now we go to work...