Tuesday, May 5, 2015

05/04/2015 | SAKURA!!!!!!!! SPRING!!!!!!!! MIRACLES!!!!!


This was a long week.
We didn't have a lot to do. Oh I guess I should report on Transfers. I
stay in Abashiri with Elder Francis. YEAH!!!!!! One more with Elder
Francis. Anyway. So with that we didn't go to Sapporo.
But we did get to do a lot of Dendo in Abashiri!! Yay!!!

We found several people through Gods help and guidance however. We sat
down and felt very strong that we were going to see a baptism this
transfer. We have set several goals to help with that, and have been
seeing Miracles. (I'm sorry I'm very tired as I write this, if it
doesn't make sense, I apologize.) We have made 4 PI's 2 of which we
felt very guided too, and feel certain we can see success with. One of
the things that we do in this mission is called "To Become Items" The
AP's and ZL's come up with "challenges" for us to do during the week.
One of them was to make a plan, to use the iPad in a contact, and then
do it. Well we did, and it worked so well. We talked about Jesus
Christ and his Atonement, and then showed them this video

Because of Him

Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior. Because of Him, death is
conquered, our lives have meaning, and we can live with God again.

The thing about the Atonement, is that we don't even understand it.
It's so hard to explain to people who don't even understand the word.
So we give a very simple explanation, show them the video, and tell
them that it is a lot harder to explain, and we are able to make an
appointment to come explain it a little more in depth.

It has been very amazing. I'm so happy to be working again with Elder
Francis. It is going to be great.

Other then that, it has been turning spring here. The Sakura have
bloomed in Abashiri. I haven't had a chance to get a lot of photos
yet, so I'll send you what I've got and get more this week. It is the
most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It is a testimony that God
wanted this earth to be beautiful, but also wants us to appreciate it.
The Sakura bloom, and die like 1 week later. It is very amazing.

Well I am out of time this week. We are in Kushiro right now for a
Zone activity, and Training meeting. I'm hanging out with other
missionaries right now.

Love everyone.
Elder Eliot