Sunday, May 15, 2016

05/15/2016 | Riding on top of a Seaweed Boulder!!!!!!!!!!

Mt. Moiwa Tram, Sapporo Moiwa area in background

Well... There has been a transfer. Not everyone transferred, but some people did. Who transferred, and where? That's going to be a secret. Now you all have to guess. Mwahahahaha.

Nah I'm just kidding. So, I've kind of just followed a pattern throughout my mission now. I was in Otaru for 1 transfer. Not even that. 5 weeks. Short transfer. Then I moved up to Abashiri for 4 transfers. 6 hole months. Dropped back into Shinkotoni for 2 transfers. Only 3 months. Then fell to the Muroran turf for 4 more transfers. 6 months at this point again, then I flew up to Kitami where I was at for 2 transfers. That's right now I have transferred again, back down into Sapporo. I am now in the Moiwa area. One of the oldest units in all of Hokkaido. I am now with a missionary who's name is Elder McCreary!!! He is from Norway!!! sort of... just like Elder Thurston he actually lived quite a bit of his life most recently in Seattle WA. He came at the same time as Elder Pace, but had to go home because of some health things. He came back up last transfer, and is now effectively on his 4th transfer. He is way way cool. He has some interesting back stories, and he has a solid testimony. He knows why he is out here, and he is trying hard. Way way good guy. I had the opportunity of doing a role-play with him back when he was a bean.

Map of Moiwa

Despite not being able to speak Japanese to well, he brought the Spirit in like crazy. We've already gotten to teach lot's of investigators, and they all have a lot of crazy good potential. I'm really excited to work in this area. It wasn't exactly where I wanted to go, but I've heard lot's of good things about it, and have seen lot's of good things about it as well. It's also where I am meant to be.

Well I don't have all that much more to report for you this week. It's been an interesting week. I'll let you know more next week when I've got more time.

Love you all SO much.
Elder Eliot

PS Moiwa means Seaweed Boulder in Japanese, go figure!