Tuesday, August 30, 2016

08/21/2016 | The Spirit of God. Hosanna!‏

This ha been a week that a lot of us have been waiting for for a long time. First off, if you've heard of the typhoon sweeping through Hokkaido, don't worry to much about it. It is Typhoon in definition, but is mostly just A LOT of rain. We're getting very wet, but that's it.
Open Sapporo LDS Temple
So. This week we've had some adventures. We found a new investigator, who is really cool. His name is Papi. If you're wondering it's not Japanese. It's actually a nickname that his friends gave him. He is from Guinea. Not Papa new guinea, but the one in Africa. So he's black. I never thought I would have a foreigner as an investigator, and now I do, and he's black. How cool is that. Anyway he is a student right now over at Hokkaido University. He is working on his doctorate degree right now, and despite being pretty busy, is willing to make time for us. His native language is french, but his English is fluent. Seeing as he has to right his doctorate papers, and thesis in English, he's pretty good at it. But a neat little coincidence, is right now, one of the elders in my district actually speaks fluent french. So we are going to go on splits, and visit Papi together this week.

Temple Waiting Room
Just thought that might be something you'd all be interested it. The other thing of course that was the highlight of the week, was the Sapporo Temple Dedication. The temple was dedicated yesterday in 3 sessions by President Russell M Nelson. He attended along with Elder Gary E Stevenson (who if you didn't know, is the first apostle in the history of the latter days, who is fluent in Japanese), and the Area Presidency. We got to sit in the lobby room of the temple, which is
right below the celestial room, and it was very powerful. Something that stood out to me, was when Elder Yamashita, the 1st councilor in the area presidency, was talking, and he emphasized that bring our ancestors to the temple is very important, but, what about our decedents? 

Baptismal Font
He proceeded to tell everyone to be sure to regularly attend the temple. He told the Priesthood holders, to take their wives to the temple, and to not give up because of trivial things like time,
money, tiredness(in Japanese 疲れているから), or because you have little kids at home. There are lot's of ways around those things, and God will help. He talked about always being worthy of a temple recommend so that you can receive revelation in the temple, for your family. Then as your children begin to grow, to teach them so that they have foundations in the gospel. And to bring them to the temple when they are old enough to do Baptisms for the dead. Help them prepare so that when they are ready, they can go forward and receive their own endowment, so that they may begin to prepare to teach their children, your grandchildren, to be able to go to the temple. He emphasized that the temple blessings, and ordinances are the most sacred and important things we could ever perform on this earth in the mortal tabernacle. It was a very powerful talk. 

Cestial Room
As President Nelson dedicated the temple, their was a sweet spirit that seemed to fill the place the second he said the words "As an Apostle of the Lord, and by the Authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, I dedicate this temple" I will never forget it. Needless to say, by the end of the dedication everyone had shed some tears. The people of Hokkaido have waited a long time for this temple. It has been in their prayers for a long time. I was able to meet several old friends who came to see the dedication. I was able to meet Elder Rostedt, as well as Elder Asato, and Elder
Numano, who all came for the dedication. President Daniels (from the branch presidency in the MTC) was also there. They were all wonderful reunions. It's been a wonderful blessing, to be in Hokkaido as a missionary at this time. I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord and being allowed to be here. It's been wonderful Well that about fills you in for this week. We move to a new apartment on Friday, so wish us luck.
Also because the mission home is moving, the address will change. I'll try to get it to you next week, but honestly with 3 weeks left, I'll be OK if you want to just send things to my home, and I'll get it then. I'll let you know though.
Thanks much
We'll see you next week. 愛しているよ