Thursday, September 18, 2014

What A Time

Here's Elder Kelson Eliot's week two letter. Wow he is quite the writer. What was I worried about. HA Shawn Eliot
What A Time
Wow 2 weeks. Nuh uh. It has not been 2 weeks. You can not tell me that I have been in the MTC for 2 weeks. I just got here yesterday didn't I? Well I guess 2 weeks. Oh well. So the MTC is AWESOME. and at the same time its like. NOT AWESOME. It's way cool because we are living the gospel 24/7 here. There is not a time in our day when we are not doing something gospel oriented. It's so cool. You feel the spirit so much here. But it's not awesome in the fact that we all want to get out of here and go somewhere. I want to go to Japan right now. Except I need to learn the language first. hehe. But wow Japanese. It has come so easily to me. I can't remember what I wrote about it last week so I'll write it maybe again. I can already Pray and Testify in Japanese. I can even give a short watered down version of the first lesson. But I have to tell you about this way cool experience that happened this week. The 3rd day we got here we started teaching investigators (not real investigators, but one of our teachers pretending to be one of the investigators they taught in the field, so it's like we are teaching real people only we're not, it's confusing) and it wasn't in English. We were thrown right in to Japanese. We had a few hours to prepare for it, with what we wanted to say and what we wanted to teach about, and then Boom. We had to teach it. So our first lesson I kind of bombed. I accidentally left my notebook with all of the things I had written about what I wanted to say in my classroom. Whoops. So once we got in and said a prayer, rather than asking him about himself and trying to learn who he is and what he is like, I went straight into "Joseph Smith was a Prophet and saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ..." It was a disaster. We fixed it the next day though and I've been doing a lot better since then, but the other day, we had just gotten a new investigator. His name is Hiroshi San. We went in and started talking to him, and I had my notebook with stuff written in Japanese of what I wanted to say, but Guess what. I didn't use my notebook at all. I was able to hear what he was saying, and respond straight from my brain. There were words I was using i didn't even know I had learned. I only had to look up 2 words to help me. I felt the spirit so much, and the Gift of Tongues is so real. It was way cool. We've now only had 2 lessons, and he's gone from not believing in God at all, to Praying and Reading the Book of Mormon, and thinking about baptism. He is so so so cool. It was an awesome experience. We got to see Elder Scott on Tuesday. For those of you in Utah County, you heard the talk he gave. He gave the same talk to us that he did in Regional Conference, except he added somethings to orient it towards missionaries. It was a cool talk, and the best part was my Aunt Becki got to sit right next to him. So after the devotional was over I got to go and see Becki. After she left we were heading back to our classroom and a bunch of people stopped us wanting to know who she was and how I knew her. I'm somewhat famous now. It was way cool, The other cool thing I want to share from Tuesday, was from Choir. We sang Be still My Soul for the devotional, but our conductor told us some cool stories to get us in the mood. The one I really liked, was when he started talking about everything that God has done. Just think about the Universe and beyond and how huge it is and how much of it He created, and then imagine us. Worrying about little things like, what am I going to wear for my date this weekend, or I'm not doing well in school, and then you stop and say. Be still my soul. The Lord is on my side. This amazing guy that has built Galaxies unnumbered is rooting for me. He then talked about when Moses was told to go and tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go. And he said it something like this "Moses go tell Pharaoh to let my people go" Says God
"I'll do what you want, but Lord he is strong. Are you sure we want to mess with him, I mean he can build pyramids. And it only takes him few years. Honestly I think we should leave this guy alone" Says Moses
"Oh he can build pyramids huh. He sounds pretty strong." Says God Sarcastically "Moses I am he that created all of you. I created this earth and all the inhabitants on it, not to mention everything else I've created. If I wanted to I could destroy the earth by blinking. Go tell Pharaoh to let my people go" Says God.
Anyway that was just a way cool story. Remember it.
Well I don't have anymore time for anything else. I tried to send pictures, but the computers are being weird, so i'll find out how to do it and send them next week. Sorry.
I love you all a ton. The church is true. Love it and Live it.
See you next week
This is Elder Eliot. Signing Off
Sit Ubu Sit.