Thursday, September 25, 2014

I love that are really just dang awesome.

Here is Elder Kelson Eliot's email to the world for September, 25 2014. He seems good. Star Trek is great!! Two things to note, she talks about being able to sing in the Priesthood Session of General Conference. General Conference happens twice a hear in downtown Salt Lake City in the Conference Center. It seats 21,000 people. And the session is broadcast thoughout the world, soooo we might get to see him!
Also, he would love letters. He mentions that you can go, type a letter their and send it. It is free and he gets it in the form of a mailed letter that day. Make his day!!
Thanks. Shawn Eliot (Kelson's Dad)
Kelson and his little sister Sidney

Yo People of the world that is my friends and families and all the other people that I love that are really just dang awesome.
I fell like time just doesn't exist in the MTC. We just got here and already we have Dai Senpai (people that got here about a month before us) leaving. It's insane. I found out that I am in the same branch that Jeff Roylance (good friend that is in Sapporo now) was in. He was my Dai Senpai's Senpai. (people that got here a few weeks before them) I talked with Johnson Kaichou (my branch president) a little bit about Jeff. It sounds like he had a lot of fun here. He had this habit of falling over in his chair in the cafeteria. Lol i can only imagine.
Well this week was kind of crazy. I got over my cold, but still had a sore throat, so on Sunday Johson Kaichou told me to go to the clinic on Monday to make sure it was just a sore throat. I did and not to my surprise it was just a sore throat. The Doctor had me get a bunch of pills to take, to make it heal faster, one of which was Banophen. Banophen tends to make the Sinus's Dry and helps with Congestion. Well the only problem is my Sinus's suck. I started taking it, and Tuesday morning I had a bloody nose. I had another one that afternoon, and another one right before I went to bed. The next early in the morning i had a bloody nose again. And then when I woke up I had one, after gym and a shower I got another, and right before we started class I got another. Well they all got taken care of just fine, but after My DPL (daily planning session) I stood up and got that feeling of standing up too fast, but it didn't pass. That feeling stayed. I felt like I was going to pass out, and if I wasn't drinking water I probably would've. So I went back to the Clinic and explained what had been going on. The Doctor told me to stop taking the Banophen (duh!) and taught me how to stop a bloody nose (already knew that) and then told me that I need to drink a lot of electrolytes and rest. So he ordered me to bed rest, but didn't want me walking back to the Residence. So he had me sleep in the... Wait for it.... SICK BAY. They call it the Sick Bay. When he told me I'd be spending most of my day in Sick Bay, my Trekky Instincts went BOOM. I Was so excited. When we went in i said "Computer activate the Emergency Medical Hologram" The doctor looked at me like it was the weirdest thing he'd ever heard anyone say. I just laughed and say "It's a Trekky thing" and gave him a "live long and prosper" sign. So yesterday I slept pretty much all day. The Sick bay was just a bed, and a tray, with a curtain to block out the light. It wasn't super fancy its name was just awesome. I'm doing better now, I'm still a little dizzy but I'm not passing out.
So yeah that was great. But the other really cool thing that happened was last Tuesday we had Elder Scott come and talk to us about Prayer. It was the same talk that took place in the Utah Valley Regional Conference except it was geared towards missionaries. The best part of that was getting to see my aunt Becki Sitting up there with him. She is his Secretary and comes to a lot of things like that with him. After he was done I ran outside and found her. Literally the Highlight of my week, but apparently it's rare to get an Apostle to come to speak to us so it was a way awesome opportunity. They broadcast it to all the other MTC's, and I got to sing in the Choir. It was awesome. but after that, This last Tuesday, we had ANOTHER apostle come speak to us. It was Elder Ballard. He talked about goal setting, and about "Rising up" to the occasion. The one funny thing he said, was that every morning when the alarm went off he'd look at it and say "Well. I'm still here. Better get up" he talked about how every morning we should wake up ready to work and have a good attitude about it. It was a way cool talk. I also got to sing in the choir for the broadcast. Again. It was kind of a big deal. It was awesome.
So Choir. This is one of the coolest things of my life. On Sunday we were informed that the Elder's had been invited to sing in Priesthood session of General Conference. Only 365 seats. They handed out a "survey" of questions to decide who they wanted in the choir, and...... Wait for it....... I got in. I get to sing as a base for Priesthood session. I'm so excited. We start practice this Friday. It's going to be So awesome.
Well that's all the time I have for this week. If you have extra time you should Hop on and send me a letter. It always makes my day when I get a letter. it completely free and get's me the letter that same day you send it. It'll explain it all when you get on there. You'll need the following information. Elder Kelson Eliot, Nov04 JPN-SAP mission (Japan Sapporo) Unit 12, and I don't know if you'll need it or not but i'm in district 68E. IF you have time send me something. Also you should send me questions so that I have stuff to talk about. It's hard coming up with these letters every week.
Oh well Till Next week
Stay awesome
Elder Kelson Eliot
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