Sunday, April 12, 2015

04/12/2015 | The Gospel is True


Hey everybody. How are you all doing. I'm doing pretty good. I hope you are all doing good too. Why am I doing good you ask? Well I just got to watch a bunch of Prophets and Apostles talk about awesome stuff the past few days. Yup that's right. I have gotten to see General Conference now, and I loved it. This is a twice a year church-wide conference where our leaders address us with faith promoting talks.  It was amazing. I loved how many of the talks were centered on the Atonement of Jesus. Kind of fitting seeing as it was Easter, but I have kind of unintentionally been studying a lot about the atonement lately. It is very comforting to see just how imperfect I am. I know that sounds weird, but it doesn't matter how imperfect I am. I just have to try my best, and continually try my best, and Jesus will make up for it. I have no Idea how he'll do that, I just know that he will. 

One of my favorite talks was from Rosemary M. Wixom (I think that's her name) She talked about the friend that she had that left the church because she wasn't getting the answers she needed. One thing I got out of that talk is that we don't need to know everything. It doesn't matter if we are slightly confused about the atonement (for example). We just need to focus on the things that we do know, and through those we will gain a better understanding for other things. 

Joseph Smith and the Sacred Grove/First Vision
I have found a lot of things in my studies that have brought up interesting questions of the truthfulness of things. Several of which have had me questioning this gospel. However every-time something like that comes up I am able to think back to the time I was able to go to the Sacred Grove. I remember just feeling the peaceful sacredness of the place that isn't just normal of a grove of trees. It was a powerful testament to me that God and Jesus did come to Joseph Smith in the grove of trees. Standing in the room that Moroni came to had the same effect. Through that I have gained a testimony that Joseph Smith really did see angels. The First Vision is one of the strongest points of my testimony, and whenever I have those doubting questions, I can always think back to that. And then from there we have the Domino Effect. Obviously if Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, then the Book of Mormon was really translated by him, and is true, and he was a prophet, making Thomas S. Monson a prophet today, which makes this gospel true, which makes prayer real, which.... etc. It is very comforting to be able to have that. I challenge all of you to find that point in your testimony. Even when everything else is challenged, where is that one spot that you have to fall back on. Where is that "Zarahemla" that you have your strongest testimony in. Find that and hold on to it. I know that if you do this it will help you through those troubling times. I have seen it in myself, and others. I can promise you that it will help.

Sorry didn't get to tell you about my week this week. I'll let you know next week. We do officially get iPads this week, so this is the last email that I will send from a computer :) Next week it will be through an iPad. Yay. I am way excited. iPads are going to help move the work forward so much. It will make Dendo a lot easier as well. I think I've said it before, but with these iPads I will be able to receive email all week. I can only respond on P-Day, but I can read it any day of the week so you can send me whatever.

Well I'll let you know more later.
Lot's of love
Elder Eliot