Monday, October 19, 2015

10/18/2015 | My how the tables have turned...

10/18/2015 | My how the tables have turned...

What  a week. Do I have some stories for you. So first of all, there's been a transfer. And Elder Numano has transferred. He has gone over to Kushiro to be a Zone Leader. Why is it that all the companions I leave are always put in a new leadership positions, or go home. Anyway, so I am still in Muroran, and I have a new companion. And guess what. He is my kohai. Guess what else he just barely got to Japan like a week ago. That's right! for all of those who didn't know, I am training this transfer, and have now gone Senpai. All the way from Goshen Utah, (or as I like to call it, The New Jerusalem) My new companion is Elder Joseph Pace. He is way cool. He's almost as tall as me, but not quite :) that makes me happy. And then he also come from a 7 member Family, except he's #2. His older brother is also on a mission in California right now. He likes Singing, and the Guitar, and Of course Video Games. He likes minecraft. So we get along there. And then the really cool one, is that he went to Spanish Fork High School, so our Japanese Teacher, Welton 先生, is the same. He taught both of us in High school, and now we are together, in Muroran Japan. Learning Japanese even more, and getting better than him :) But yeah we were pretty excited to learn about that.

So yeah that happened. Quick update on the Shibuya's for you. Yumiko, the wife, has quit smoking. She has now gone 5 days straight, without smoking at all. Youji San is still struggling a little bit, but we have set goals, and he's optimistic, and we are too, and he will be able to kick tobacco in the butt, and be ready for their baptismal interview which has now been scheduled for the 29th of this month.  They will then be baptized on the 31st. They came to church yesterday, and there was a baptism for one of the kids here, and they got to see it. They said that they 感動した which literally means their emotion
moved, but essentially means that they felt strong emotion. It was very good, and they are working really hard. We will be meeting with them tomorrow, finishing off the lessons, and having fun. They are
solid. We are excited for them. It looks like they will become Kone sans fellowshipers, and help teach him. Lol. Watching them progress so fast though has really helped my testimony grow as well.

Well I guess that about does it for this week. I'm exited to start my first real week of training, and while i do feel slightly inadequate, I know that the lord will qualify who he calls, and help out. I'm excited!!! Well everyone have a wonderful week, and we'll talk to you next week. Make sure some time when you don't feel like it, you smile.

Do it this week. It will help. Trust me.

Elder Eliot