Thursday, October 2, 2014

I am a month into my mission. Da crap.

I am a month into my mission. Da crap. That happened so fast. I'm in all astonishment (drama joke)
But hey lot's to talk about today.
First health
I got over the bloody noses pretty fast. The doctors work well here. But I did get Pink Eye for a day or 2. That sucked. I'm ok now though. I think the way that satan is trying to hinder me is my health, but I'm pushing through it. Ain't no devil going to keep me down. Just get up and smack him in the Jaw and then walk away (over him if you can)
Next Spiritual stuff
So me and my companion had really been struggling to teach our investigators. They just weren't seeing the importance of prayer and scripture. One of them was kind of making an effort, but the other one was just flat out not doing it. I got some Coaching time with Kosaka Kyodai (brother kosaka, one of the teachers here) and he told me that maybe now that we're getting better and nihongo we should stop saying such simple things and try to get them on a more personal level. The one thing he said is if you say or ask general things you'll get answers that are general, where as when you say or ask personal questions, you get that kind of answer. So I tried it and told one of our investigators a story, and it impacted him. He is reading and praying dillegently everyday now.
General Conference stuff (twice a year church-wide meeting)
I get to sing at General Conference! So yeah It's been dang awesome to get to go to choir everyday to practice rather than 2 times a week. I love it even if it's early in the morning. I love it, and we are singing some powerful songs. If any of you know someone that is struggling with knowing whether or not to go on a mission, make sure they are watching priesthood session. The choir alone should answer there prayers. It is going to be so cool. They have told us that they are going to make a point to try to get every elder on camera at least once. We are all wearing red ties, but I will be wearing one of my grandpa's ties (mom could you find a picture of grandpa's mission tie, the one I wore for my farewell, and send it out with this) I will send pictures. Just watch for me. I won't be doing anything to special. I'm so excited to do this I hope lot's of you watch I'm so stoked.
Well My time's already up this week. Make sure y'all are sending me stuff during the week too so that I can get stuff during the week and not just on P-Day.
Love all y'all
Elder Kelson

Selfie Time
Group Selfie

Elder Eliot (again), Elder Adachi (encore), and Elder Thompson (etc.)

Grandpas red tie worn for the GC Missionary Choir