Monday, December 8, 2014


Snowy Otaru Canal
Yup! another one of those subject lines that I can't think of a subject for. Classic. Therefore I hereby dub this Subject line "Lime"

Hi everyone. 
It's me. 
Yeah that guy that's in Japan.
Yeah I know that you kinda forgot about me. I mean seriously it's been like 2 months. Or wait. 1 week. Yeah that's about the same. I don't know if I've ever said this before, but I totally agree with the guy that hosted me at the MTC. On your mission, the weeks feel like days, and the days feel like weeks. So yeah another week has come and passed. How did that happen.

Oh by the way we got snow. Wow we got snow. One night it just decided to dump. There must've been a foot of snow. I'll take a picture sometime of the roads to send, but the Japanese people don't care about it. They leave the snow for the most part. They will plow main roads, and the few roads that they can't plow, but need the snow gone, are you ready for this, they HEAT THEM. They have heat systems under the roads, but for the most part the roads are all ice, and not asphalt. It's very adventureful. 

I keep getting reminded all the time that my companion is not from Utah. We were out one day and found a public staircase that is fairly steep. It had not been walked in yet (and in this area there was more like 3 feet of snow) and so I knew that it was dangerous. I go out and grab the rail and start to slowly go down. What does my companion do? He jumps. He dives and rolls down the snow. I was in shock. Why would you want to do that? For one thing it's cold, for the next, it's dangerous. 

Another example. The other day we were about to be late home, and we were already running on the ice. I was still having a hard time, and knew we weren't going to make it, already had slipped once, and he looks back at me and says "we can make it if we sprint." "NO" needless to say we were late, because I refused to sprint on ice. He's going to get himself hurt. I have to teach him Winter Survival Skills. 

But yeah that's a pretty good summarization of what our week was like. 

Well I'm out of time, (and can't think of what else to write. Saved by the bell) 
I hope you are all doing amazing, and having fun this Christmas time. BTW everyone read the Dec. Liahona/Ensign. It has some amazing stuff.
Love you all. I promise to send pics next week (I didn't take any this week. Oops)
Till Next week (month)

Elder Eliot