Sunday, December 14, 2014

Transferred, Already!!

Kelson's Dad here, so as you will see below, Kelson has already got transferred to a new city.  That was fast.  Don't know any details other than all is well.  He loved where he was at in Otaru and his attitude is good about his new journey!  He is going to Abashiri. It is a city of 40k on the northern part of Hokkaido Island on the ocean again.  It has less snow, but is much colder.  Good thing we bought him those boots!


The Abashiri Frozen Ocean

So yeah. If you do bother to read the subject lines (which I believe are hilarious, but you know in janai) you would know that I got my transfer call today. No need to worry. It's perfectly normal. Rostedt Choro (elder) is still awesome, and I'm not being taken really quickly because of some weird thing or something like that (can you tell my brain is sort of fried/in shock right now?) The mission office just had trouble getting tickets for the dying missionaries (those going home) at a certain time, and so all of the transfer stuff is a day early this transfer, and a bunch of other reasons I don't understand. So basically I'm going from one beach to another (speaking of beaches I'm sending a cool pic of Rostedt choro on the beach with a guitar in the snow.) Clear across the island. Around mountains. I'm going to see Icebergs. So yeah. I got a call this morning from the Japanese AP (Sato Choro) and he said a bunch of stuff in Japanese of which I couldn't understand because it was on a phone, and it was fast, and then I got told I'm going to Abashiri with Spurling Choro. I don't know anything more than that so I will tell you more next week.

Sadly however that means that it's time for more missionaries to die (go home). Including one of the Sisters that has been in Otaru this transfer, who I kind of look at as my mission mom (Rostedt choro being my dad, because he trained me, and therefore Roopinia choro (Elder Rostedt's trainer) being my grandfather), because of the help she gave me. She was way awesome to work with, but now she's dying (going home). If any of you ever meet a Sidney Horne, tell her from me that she's awesome. We'll all miss her a lot out here. She was a really good missionary. 

So yeah now I get to cry about her leaving, and me leaving all the awesome people in Otaru. 

Oh well I can get over it. The Lord wants me in Abashiri, and I'm going there. He gave me my preference in the beginning (of being in Otaru), and now I've told him to go with his preference. So that's where I'm needed. 

Well I'm sorry I can't think of anything else to write about this week.

Just remember to always where your pajamas on the inside of your suit and not the outside. It's really weird looking when you have in the other way around. 

Love you all.
Until next week.
Final farewell from Otaru.

See you in Abashiri next week (sort of since I won't actually see you)
I'm really done
I'm not stalling.

Elder Eliot