Sunday, January 11, 2015

When you brush your teeth, the tooth brush goes in your mouth, not your ear!!


New Sapporo LDS Temple, will be finished in 2016

Hey everyone.
So this week wasn't too exciting. We went to Kushiro for Zone Training meeting last Monday, and learned a lot of cool things. One of the cool things about that day, was it was one of my zone leaders birthdays. Elder Brackner, (who is from Payson, UT btw) turned 21. Me, Elder Spurling (my companion), and another guy in the zone made a song for him. I played "the dumb song" and Elder Spurling sang a bunch of crap he made up on the spot, and then Elder Dennison rapped. It was fun. 

Other than that we had a normal week of Dendo (contacting people). We had a cool guy that we found through a housing contact come to church yesterday. He didn't actually have a lot of interest, he apparently just promised us that he would come to church. But he did come, and that is a huge step, so we'll keep an eye on him, and keep encouraging him a little bit at a time. 


We had fun yesterday too. We went with our Ward Mission Leader (local member that is assigned to help the missionaries) Home Teaching, and I used an example about following the prophet using Origami. I gave them all a piece of paper, and told them to make what I make. But then I didn't tell them anything I just made it. Then I told them that they needed a prophets voice to tell the people what God was wanting, and how to do so. I then proceeded to teach them how to do it, and it evolved into one persons being good, because she asked questions, and "studied" the "prophets words" and the rest being kind of meh, with Elder Spurlings being something entirely different, because they were all listening, but kind of, some only sort of asked for help while others didn't at all, while Elder Spurling didn't even watch, and just did it as well as he could with listening. IT was funny. Welp. 

Other than that, we didn't have to much happen this week. Your all awesome. I'll send you some pictures next week. I haven't had a chance to get to many. Remember to be grateful for how warm it is there, because it is colder here. Don't forget, when you brush your teeth, the tooth brush goes in your mouth, not in your ear.

Lot's of love from Japan
(still can't believe that I'm here)
Elder Eliot