Thursday, January 1, 2015

Abashiri Prison (Japan's equivalent to Alcatraz)


Hey everybody.
Elder Eliot here.
So really really long week eh. Our Preparation Day was moved (from Monday) for us so that we could have it to check stuff out on New Years Day, and then we needed to move it one more day because of all of the things we had planned for New Years with members. So yesterday wasn't P-day after all. Thats Today.

We've had a lot of fun out here in Abashiri. We finally got our heater fixed in our apartment, so now we won't freeze to death. That was fun! Christmas day we were actually in Kushiro (a city about 100 miles south of Abashiri). We went down to Kushiro to have a zone Christmas activity. It was a lot of fun. We played a bunch of different games, and had a gift exchange (I got a bunch of chocolate, it was yummy) Then we came back to Abashiri, and went with our Ward Mission Leader around Caroling. It was a lot of fun. We met a lot of cute young families. 

Yesterday for New Years we went to a Shinto Shrine, and did the whole Japanese culture thing where you throw the money in the box and clap and ring the bell and all that stuff (repent of your sins). It was cool. If you ever look anything up about Shintoism it is very obviously apostated Christianity. The shrine layout is basically exactly like Moses tabernacle. They have the whole washing basin, sacrifice alter, unleavened bread (which is mochi), and the Holy of Holies per usual. It was cool. We went after to eat at a church members house, at which we at a lot of food, and then after played a game. We played Scripture Trivia. It was a lot of fun. We all came up with difficult questions based off of the scriptures. For instance, the hardest one for me was: When Noah's ark finally landed, it was on a mountain. What was the name of the mountain? Yeah I didn't know. But that was a lot of fun too. 

We've done a lot of housing, and my Japanese has improved 10 fold. It's still not very good, but it's up there. I can actually tell people what we are doing. It's been a lot of fun. It's way cold though. Just on the walk over to the church my face froze. I couldn't feel it at all.

Oh just a thing to add to the achievements list. I have tasted the best Sushi in the world. The best sushi is in Japan right? Well the best sushi in Japan is in Hokkaido, and the best sushi in Hokkaido is in Kushiro, and the best sushi in Kushiro is at a place called Matsuria. We went and ate there for Christmas lunch. It was very good.

I've kind of run out of Idea's for what to write about. lol. I guess I'll look through my journal, and give you more stuff next Monday, since it's not to far away. I love you all and hope you had a very happy new year, and a very Merry Christmas.
Until next monday,
Be kind, and love your neighbor.
Elder Eliot