Sunday, January 25, 2015

From the set of Frozen...

Elder's Eliot and Spurling
Hey everybody. Our week wasn't amazingly exciting this week, but some cool stuff did happen. We were out housing a few days ago, and found this cool extremely prepared women. She is wanting to find the true church of God on the earth. She full on believes that it's here, she just doesn't know where to find it. We gave her a Book of Mormon. We'll see where that goes. I got to go on splits with Elder Yamada, my District leader. He was way cool. He is fluent in English too so that helped a lot. 

Oh and did I mention the blizzard we had this week? No I didn't? Oh ok let me tell you about that. We walked out our front door, and I sunk up to my knee. Remember if you haven't seen me for a while I'm tall. There was a lot of snow. There still is too. There are several pathways in which the snow is above my head. By quite a few feet too. Oh and also the ocean is frozen. There are Icebergs. Lot's of them. I have pictures too. And I have really cool videos that i can't send so you'Ll have to wait till i get home to see them. We walked on Icebergs this morning. It was soooooooo cool. We also went with the rest of the district today to play a bunch of sports. I discovered, that I'm not have bad at badminton. So yeah. 

The rest of our week was pretty normal. Nothing super amazing. We do have one investigator coming to church every week again now, so that's good. Shout out to my Mom, my Sister, and my Uncle who had Birthdays (that I might have forgotten.....) I'll get you presents, but since things are so expensive to send from here, and I don't have money, I'll just bring them home with me. 
This is a blizzard!

I've got to say, I love writing in my Journal. I used to hate it, but I love going back in my Journal and reading entries, and laughing at the things that were happening during it. I have written it as though many other people will be reading it so you can all have fun with that eventually. If you aren't currently writing in a Journal, start it. It's a commandment, and it's way awesome too. Stop being disobedient, and just do it. Love you. Also Shout out to my friend Jeff. Leaving for Nagoya Japan (to be a missionary) here in a week. Good Luck Jeff. がんばてね。

Well I think that's about it this week. Love you all.
Bye bye.
Elder Eliot.

Where I live

Mountains remind him of Utah

Elder Spurling's not too strong

This is the ocean!!!

Kelson walking on the ocean! FREAK!!!

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Snow anyone?