Sunday, June 14, 2015

06/14/2015 | Downtown Sapporo

Note from dad: So we were mistaken on where Kelson is last week. He is in the Shinkotoni Ward (church congregation) but that ward covers downtown Sapporo known as Odori. He has gone from one of the more rural areas in his mission to the most urban. He says he doesn't like big cities, but knowing him, I will grow on him.

Odori Park Downtown Sapporo


Hey everyone. How was your week. Mine was pretty good. How are you all doing. Jaylyne are you doing ok? Hey Lindsay how's college. Elder Goodsell are you doing ok in Finland? Oh wait me? You want to hear about me? Oh ok. Well than I guess I'll tell you about me.

So I haven't been in Abashiri at all this week. I packed up and said good bye Sunday. I went with elder Francis to Obihiro for ZTM at which one of my more favorite missionaries, Elder Brandolino, bore a very powerful parting testimony. He talked about why we are all out on missions, and using Matthew 10:39 and an analogy to mountains, helped me feel the spirit probably stronger then I have ever felt it. Sadly he is now gone. Another batch of missionaries has left the mission. To bad so sad. It seems like they are just dropping like flies as of
late. Soon it'll be me :(

Anyway, trunky thoughts aside. On that same day, we went down to Sapporo. Hung out in the Higashi apt. Then Wednesday, with nothing to do we went to the Hokkaido museum of modern art. It was really cool. One of my favorite pieces was a life sized wood carving statue of a woman sitting on a couch. Maybe it's just the fact that I did woodworking, but I was able to appreciate just how much talent was required. Also on that day we had 2 crows attack us... So that was fun.

I'm now on Turbo mode because I'm out of time, but I got my new companion Thursday, and started working in Shinkotoni. Already seeing miracles. First day we did dendo we went to try to find a OI (old investigator), and they had moved. We pinged anyway and met a cool guy. We asked if we could come back another day, and he said sure. So we asked when would be good, and he said "is tomorrow good?" Heck yeah tomorrow is good. So we went back "tomorrow" (Saturday) and taught him several elements of the first 3 lessons. He says he has interest in religion, so it seems like it'll go good. Then that night we went to the church and had a game night activity in which we played some fun games with some members that showed up. Had a ton of fun. Then on Sunday we went to church, and had fun meeting all the members. Obviously being a new area I gave my testimony. It went well had a very lovely day at church. So members in my district this transfer are Elder Fujisaka, and Me, Elder Birch, and Elder Hishii (the mission headquarters missionaries), and Sister Naganuma, and Sister Barr. That's right I get sisters in my district again. That's a nice change. Well that's about all that has happened to me. Today we went to the Sapporo Train station, and checked out a bunch of stores. Nothing too exciting, but Sapporo is a really cool area. I'm excited to work here. And I know we're being helped. If you don't believe me just read Alma 13:24  ;)

Well hope you all have a lovely week. Love you all.
Elder Eliot