Sunday, June 28, 2015

06/28/2015 | Exercise Meeting


Sorry I'm out of time this week, so I will just tell you about Saturday. Saturday was one of the better days I have had on my mission. We woke up and did normal study, and then got our stuff ready to head to Atsubetsu. We joined our investigator Matsunogo Yuuki (we call him Ma chan) and the YSA (Young Single Adults) of Sapporo for what is called an Undo Kai. Literally it translates to "Exercise Meeting" but they say "Track and Field" when they translate it. But it is not that at all. Imagine Mario Party. Where they do all the different funny mini games such as pushing a ball around, and knocking other people off of the big tower. It's just like that except a little bit shorter than a big tower. Effectively I played Mario party IRL with the YSA of Sapporo.

After that was done, we returned to the Shinkotoni church with our investigator for his Baptism Interview!!! HE PASSED!!!! We have a baptism this Saturday. Super exited 私. But while he was in being interviewed, we coordinated this week with one of the sisters in our area, to set up a surprise birthday party for him and Sister Barr. His birthday was on Wednesday, and Sister Barrs was on Friday. We were able to pull it off without either of them noticing. And her companion was the one that did most of the work. It was awesome. They both felt very celebrated, and we had several members, and even some investigators there to celebrate with us. It was a complete success. That was our day. It was way good. Sorry I don't have time this week. I'll make more next week! I love you all, and can't wait to report on the baptism this week.