Sunday, March 13, 2016

03/13/2016 | If you don't like it, LIKE IT

Well, I guess It's been another week again. I guess that means I get to write another email to you. I am in turbo mode right now, so if you see spelling mistakes or word mistakes, or really any mistakes, just remember how many time's you have done the same. And if you haven't congrats. 

So we got to go down to Sapporo, for the last Mission Tour of my mission. We had Elder Choi (pronounced Chei) from the Area Presidency, come with his wife, and they talked to us all day. There were a lot of talks that focused on just getting out there and doing it. He talked a lot about how if you just get outside, and open your mouth, God will take over. It was very interesting. One thing that they talked about that I really did enjoy was about our True Identities. It doesn't matter what the world see's us as, we are all son's and daughters of God. He showed us a video that used the Ugly Duckling as a metaphor. We may all seem ugly, and people may make fun of us, but in the end, they are ducks and we are swans. They also talked a lot about the premortal life, and where each of us were in the ranks of the army against evil, and talked about our generation being right up at the front. It was really cool. It gave me more of a sense of who I am, and made me realize, that that is something that we can help everyone out here do as well. It was several hours of really good spiritual learning. It is sad to not have another one to look forward to. But it was a good Finale so to say. 

Then the last thing that I'll mention about it, is something that anyone can apply into their lives. It is the subject line, and a quote from Elder Choi. If you don't like something, Like It. If you live in Seattle and you don't like the rain, you can either continue on and be depressed because it's Seattle, and there is always rain, or you can learn to like the rain, and have a good life. I plan on trying to apply that into my life a little bit more.

We did have some fun this week though. We got to meet a cool kid who is named Yoshida. Just an old investigator record, that talked about how cool he was. We visited, and it was true. He has a job, and usually isn't home on weekdays, but just happened to be home on Tuesday. It was also his birthday on Monday, so it was all just perfect timing. Not to sure where it will go, but I have hope for him.

As for Kudou san, she wasn't able to meet with us this week. She's had some rough things happening, including her brother being in the hospital on his death bed. She also had something happen to her leg that she has been to the hospital for, and she wont get results on that until later this week. For now we are praying for her, and hoping that she does better. 

We finally have a whole week to work in Kitami again, which is good, because there aren't many left.  We are going to work hard, and see a lot of miracles this week. Other than that, just normal everyday missionary life. So I think that's where I will end. Hope everyone has a good week
(I Love You)
Elder Eliot