Friday, October 24, 2014

Good bye to everyone

Here's the haircut you told me to get. :)

Good bye to everyone
Don't be to disturbed by that message. It's just stating that i'll talk about my Senpai. They left for Japan this week, and I want to talk a little about some of them.

So this week was a little bland. We had a few funny moments, but we did finally get kohai. That was cool. One of them is Tyler Meldrums cousin too so that was cool. They are pretty cool kids, and will do well in Japan. This next part is about a language mess up that one of them made his 2nd lesson. If you don't want to read about it, it's funny, but it's "language" so just be forewarned that some people my be put off by this. Elder tait, in his lesson wanted to ask if he felt the power of the spirit, which is "Seirei no chikara o kanjimasu ka" but instead of saying Seirei he said Seiri. Their "investigator" broke character and became the teacher and just laughed. The lesson was lost after that, but after they came back to class they looked up what Seiri meant. When they found it in the dictionary, it said that it was "to begin one's menstrual cycle/period" so instead of saying do you feel the power of the spirit, they asked if he could feel the power of his period. It was great.

Skip to here if you don't want to read that last part. One other language mess up that I want to say, not as bad as the last one, but one day in one of our lessons, my companion, I don't know what he was trying to say, but he said "Iesu Kirisuto wa (name of investigator) o koroshitai desu" which translates to "Jesus Christ wants to kill you" It was pretty great. 

I don't really know what else to talk about here, there hasn't been a ton going on. Our awesome Senpai left this week. They headed out to Tokyo south, Kobe, and Nagoya. Including Mac Johnson. Ill send a pic that we took of all the Salemites heading to Japan. We took it right before he left. I don't really know what to say anymore here. I've pretty much explained everything that goes on here. We did have a really good lesson this week. One of our Kyudousha (investigator's) has a smoking problem, that we found out about when we taught Word of Wisdom. We left that lesson with him feeling a little discouraged, because he wants to be baptized, but he doesn't think he'll be able to quit smoking. It'll be to hard. We were going to teach law of tithing next, but something told me uh uh. We need to talk about this again. So as we were asking how his reading was going, i wanted to see if he was actually getting things out of the scriptures, or if he was just reading. So I asked him to ready 1 Nephi 3:7 to see what he got from that verse. Turns out yeah he was getting things out of the scriptures, but the comment he made was that it obviously didn't apply to him, because God gave the commandment of the Word of Wisdom, but he smoked alot and he didn't think he would be able to quit. So using the Spirit, I: 1. Relayed an experience of my Grandpa quitting smoking. Told him of the night that he drove down to a drug store to get some cigarettes at like 2:00 am, and while he was driving back, realized how stupid it was, and threw them out the window, and never smoked again. 2. we shared like 10 scriptures about how God will help, and that he just has to try hard, and 3. we shared an object lesson with him. We had him get on his knees, and try to draw a straight line from the bottom of the chalk bored, to the top. Obviously he couldn't make it, so my companion then told him that sometimes we can't get all the way up but God has a long arm and as long as we have gone as far as we can possibly go, he will help us the rest of the day. He felt pumped and felt that he really could quit this. So we set a goal tat by next friday he'll be completely done smoking, so that he will be able to be baptized, and not have that craving anymore. It was pretty awesome. We could totally feel God talking to him through us. 

Welp. I'm out of time. Please please please. Send me some questions so I have stuff to talk about next week. It is so hard to think of what to write in these. 
みな 愛してます

This is my friend Elder Tsuru. He his doing 1 pull up. He couldn't do that before he came here.
It was really cool, but then he slipped and that happened.
This is my Friend Elder Cannon

These are some pictures of the sisters in the Ni Hon Jin (people from Japan) as you can tell, they were a lot of fun to talk with and get to know.

This is Miranda Choro, all the way from Brazil, he doesn't speak much English,  but we got to be good friends before he left.
Me with Ikeda, and Ishijima Choro. The nihonjin elder's. Sad to see them go but it was fun getting to know them while I could.
My District with the Nihonjin Sisters
The 4 Nihon bound Salemite missionaries.

This is Santos Choro. He is from Florida, and he is one of my Kohai. He's way cool.