Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hey all you followers of Watashi.

Hi all Kelson's dad here. Below is his last letter to the world. Please send him a letter or email if you want. He says he doesn't get many letters and we all know getting a letter as a missionary is way great (OK not all know that but...)
His email is:
You can write a real letter (or send him expensive goodies!) Just click on "Write a Letter" at the top, choose "Provo MTC" on the pull-down menu and click "Write a Missionary" Then just fill in his info (Unit Code is 12, Mission Code is JPN SAP, and Departure Date Nov 4. and write. They will get it to him with 24 hours in an envelope.
Thanks Shawn Eliot

Hey all you followers of Watashi.
How is y'all doin. (garsh nads arkansas got me speakin' the language of the south)
Me, Oh I'm pretty Genki. I haven't been sick for a while now. so yeah that was good.
My Japanese has increased Ten Fold. We got new Nihonjin Choro Tachi, (Japanese(from japan) Elders) and one of them was delayed a day because of the Typhoon in Okinawa. So Ishijima Choro had to stay in our room for one night. When people tried speaking to him in english, I would translate for them. I only needed to use my jisho (dictionary) once. I'm feeling pretty confident in Japanese. But other than that, Last night I gave a (get ready for it cause its a long list) language lesson to Ishijima Choro. (oh btw choro is elder) I taught him: Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Tagalan, and even Afrikaans. I only speak 1 of those languages and only slightly. And yet I taught him how to say so much crap. He has this electronic Jisho, and would pull up common Japanese phrases, and translate them into these languages. And then I'd have to tell them how they were pronounced. I even wrote them out in Katakana (one of the Japanese alphabets) to help him figure them out. So yeah not even worried about Japanese.
So yeah G-Conf (the LDS Church holds General Conference every 6 months where talks are given by leaders worldwide). I didn't get to see that Saturday Afternoon session because oh what was I doing? Oh yeah I was on a bus to Salt Lake to go and sing for Priesthood session. So yeah once again. That happened. It so Happened. and it was dang awesome too. Other that that I loved Elder Cook, and Elder Godoy (the guy who spoke in Portuguese). They're talks were dang awesome. I also will admit, I fell asleep during Sunday Morning. Oops. But we were in a dark room, and Motab just does that to me. I did wake up in time to hear Pres. Monson's talk which was pretty cool. The other talk that inspired me was Pres. Uchtdorf's talk in the Priesthood Session. I loved the story he used of the Last Supper when Jesus told the apostles that one of them would betray him, rather than saying "oh i bet it's john", or "It's going to be Peter i just know it" each one of them in turn said "Lord is it I?" I think that sometimes in life we need to do a reality check, and when something like G-Conf is on and you here a talk, rather than thinking "Oh that talk was so meant for brother brown", or "Brother Smith needs to listen to this and get his life in check" we should be saying "Lord is it I?" I've been trying to do that a little more now.
Other than that I don't really know what else to say. If you want to send me a favorite scripture, be it from the Bible, or the Book of Mormon, or the D&C, or even a conference talk, I'll translate it into Japanese for you. That could be fun, and oh heck yeah I can do that.
Send me some questions that y'all (there's that arkansasian talk coming out again) have for me so that I have a little more to talk about in these letters.
Oh well for now i'll be good.
Elder Kelson Eliot