Sunday, February 1, 2015

Love life. It's a gift from God.


Hokkaido Japan Mountain Pass

We need help. We have no investigators. We had 2, and one of them dropped. We currently have 1 investigator, and 2 strong Potential Investigators. Our investigator can't get baptized because her parents refuse to let her, and we haven't had a chance to meet with the other 2 people yet. We have been doing a lot of finding. Yesterday, we must've pinged 100 doors, and they almost all rejected us almost immediately.

REQUEST: Could you all pray for us to find some of Heavenly Father prepared children? I know they are out there, we just are having trouble finding them.

Anyway. I hope you are all doing good. Shout out to my Aunt Becki. Birthday Girl. Happy Birthday. Anyway. This is Elder Spurlings last few days in Hokkaido. He is leaving and going home on Friday. We get transfer calls tomorrow, and we are almsot 100% sure that I will stay in Abashiri, and that I will get a Nihonjin (Japanese) companion.

Good Luck to Jeff Crippen. Heading out to the MTC this week. Good luck to you my friend. See you out here (sort of) in a few months.

That's pretty much it. I'm not sure what else to talk about this week. We talked to at least a million people, and didn't get very much out of it. Last night Elder Spurling had a very good phone conversation with someone that got converted by the Mormon Missionaries to the Ma Hikari church (new Japanese religious movement based on Shintoism). She told him all about how to get his Soul cleansed. They can do it with there light powers. She highly suggested it. That was interesting.

Other than that, nothing super exciting happened this week.
Hope you are all doing awesome.
Stay that way.
Love life. It's a gift from God.
Tell all your friends.
Elder Eliot