Sunday, February 22, 2015

Esther, If I perish, I perish!


Well this week has been pretty normal.

First of all thank you to you all for your prayers. We have finally found some people to teach.  We went and visited a young family that were old investigators, and while we were there speaking to them, I had this image pop into my mind. I saw all 5 of them standing with each other in baptismal clothes. I don't know where it came from. Revelation? I don't know, but basically, they are really nice, and will let us teach them, and I want to pick them up, so I am. Thanks. There's another older woman that doesn't necessarily want to take lessons, but will listen to us. She is part of a religion here called Tenrikyo. I have no idea what their beliefs are, but based of off of some things that Elder Spurling told me, they are strange.... She definitely believes in it though. She is 87 years old. Whew. Yeah teach her about the Plan of Salvation right? "Hey you better learn this, cause you're going there soon" lol. Japanese people usually have a shorter life span than Americans, so 87 is a pretty big achievement. Though we do have one member here who is older than that. Our church isn't an actual church building, it's an old office that the church rents. There are stairs to get up to everything, and every week 3 members have to help her climb those stairs. She is really funny.

So yeah have some people to teach that helped out a little. Other than that it was a pretty normal week. Did get chewed out by a guy on Tuesday for going around pinging doorbells. Apparently it is quite rude to do. He escorted us from the apartment building, and stood there and watched us to make sure we walked away. I tried getting him to come to English class, but he was quite adamant. Oh well. We're not in Africa so what Kenya do.

We have had bipolar weather recently. After last weeks blizzard, we haven't really had any snow. These past 3 days, there has been nothing but sunshine. Not even clouds. I took some pictures, but forgot my SD card reader, so sorry about that. I'll send some next week. Basically though, everything is melting and it's all wet. I have come back to the apartment with socks soaked all the way through these past few days. The thing is that without the clouds, it is still winter. That means, the temperature is still down. Which means once the sun goes down, with no clouds to insulate the earth, there is no heat. Everything freezes.

Well I hope you are all doing good.

Spiritual thought for the day.

When you think of Courage, who do you think of? Lot's of us will think of super heroes, or a dad, or Ammon, or Jesus, or other people in the scriptures. Lot's of men. Well guess what women can be courageous too. Ever heard of Esther? She had to go talk to the king to tell him that all the Jews were being killed, but she went in without an invitation, she could be killed. Yet she still does it. I like the wording she uses "if I perish, I perish". Because she does so, she not only saves her people, but she also get's her uncle Mordecai into a high position in the kingdom. Language time. The word for courage in Japanese is Yuuki. (pronounced yoo kee) It come from the characters that mean brave spirit. I love that. If you are brave through the spirit, you have courage. How awesome is that.

Well I love you all but I have to be done now.
Have a wonderful week.
Lot's of love.

Elder Eliot