Monday, September 28, 2015

09/27/2015 | Week Full of Miracles


Hey everyone. So first, with my rant about pride last week, I want to apologize if I offended anyone. It wasn't my intent, I just wanted to share what I had learned. Second, before I say anything else I have to explain what I did based off of that pride rant. So I made a goal, to write in my journal every day, (which I've been doing) but write specifically about "Where I see the hand of God in my life" everyday. Through doing so, I was able to see miracles every day, and they even moved to get better. it also helped me see just how much God does for me every day.

Anyway along those lines, this week was really good. We went on Thursday to an appointment we had with a middle aged couple, the Shibuya's. We entered their house, talked with them a bit, and started
to teach them the message of the restoration, and then randomly, someone walks into their apartment (turns out to be a friend of theirs whose name is Kone San (koh neh)) and immediately starts asking who we are. Immediately I thought he was going to be a hindrance, and mess up our lesson, but instead he just talks about how he has always lied to the Mormons that come to his door to get them to leave and never really has listened to them. So he sat down, and we started over. They all 3 accepted things almost immediately, and the Shibuya's even told us they already believe in Joseph Smiths first vision. The other way cool miracle about this lesson was that we anticipated giving the Shibuya's 2 Book of Mormon's, but we weren't anticipated a 3rd party to be there. Well the cool thing is that we were planning on giving a Book of Mormon to another person we were planning on visiting earlier, but it fell through so we had 3 Books!!! God works in Mysterious ways.

In the end we were able to make 3 strong baptismal dates with them for 10/31. On Halloween. Kone san is still slightly hesitant, but he is willing to read, pray and try to find out. He is actually "Investigating." The Shibuya's on the other hand are just Golden, and are already desiring to get baptized. They even came to Church yesterday, and we were able to teach them The Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We've already taught them 3 of the 5 lessons in less than a week!!! That is a miracle!! Especially in Japan. Kone san didn't come to church yesterday however, so we have to work a little harder with him, but I believe that he will also desire to be baptized in the end.

I have also seen so many other miracles this week. When you're looking for them, it's way easy to see them. I challenge everyone to realize all the good things they are receiving, somehow. If it is the same way I did, then so be it, but try it.

Here's a Humorous video about that.
Your Potential, Your Privileges (3:09)

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shares a humorous parable of a man who realizes he has been living far beneath his privileges.

I know of the of this gospel to be true. It is real. God prepared a plan for us, helped us know what it was, and right now the Shibuya's are remembering that, and feeling that. For that reason they are wanting to meet with us, and desiring to follow Christ. You too can feel that power. I promise that to you in the name of our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ. Being a missionary, I can do that. Read, ponder, pray. You will receive an answer.
Love to everyone. Have a wonderful week. See miracles!

Elder Eliot