Sunday, January 17, 2016

01/17/2016 | Earthquakes, and Transfers, and other happenings

Well Everybody. I apologize for lack of an email last week. We had a special "party" with the Muroran Ward (church), for the new year, and then had to go up to Eniwa for a zone meeting and we just didn't have time to do email :(  It was fun though. For the New years SHINNENKAI we did a Mochitsuki (you pound rice with a giant wooden hammer until it becomes this chewy substance called Mochi) and then ate it with delicious stuff. It was great. We then had a great Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday learning all about teaching with the spirit, and working together, and the like. It was fun.

I'm sure lots of you heard about the earthquake that occurred as well. If you hadn't, now you are. We had an earthquake on Wednesday the 13th at 12:30ish. The epicenter was off the coast of a city called Urakawa, it was rated at 6.7. We were just finishing lunch, when my phone beeped to tell me about a natural disaster warning. I was thinking it might be about the blizzard that we were supposed to have, so I opened my phone to check the mail, and suddenly it started shaking. It was quiet at first, and then it got pretty violent. Our heater turned itself off, and everything on my desk fell. We were hanging out in the door of our entry hall, when it stopped, and I look down at my phone to see it tell me "Get ready for an Earthquake" It made us laugh. There wasn't a lot of damage, and injuries were minimal, but it was a little scary. The church building did receive a small crack in the floor, but aside from that we are all AOK.

I guess I do need tell you about the transfer that we had. So against all odds, I went trainer again. That's right. My new companion is a bean (new missionary). His name is Elder Bailey, and he is from Las Vegas (sort of) His family is military so really he's from all over the place. Elder Pace went ahead and moved on to an area called Suehiro. If you look it up on a map it might be hard to find, because it is part of the city called Asahikawa. His new companion is a good friend who's name is Elder Johnson. He is way awesome, and they seem like they are having a great time. 

The very sad thing about this transfer, is that my 1st companion, Elder Rostedt finally finished his mission, and he is now down hanging out in the sunny summer in Australia. I can't believe just how fast he went home. He was a lot younger (mission wise) when he trained me, and now he's already heading home, it makes me realize just how little time I have. I am still hanging out in Muroran though for what looks like another 2 transfers. It makes me very excited, and I am so happy to do so. This is a very special area, and I'm so excited to get to work here for a little longer, and try to help it just a little more. And then the last surprise is that I am now the District Leader here. I get to help teach all the missionaries in the Muroran Area, and the Tomakomai area now. It is a new responsibility and I'm enjoying it. I'm doing my best to work hard and help each one of them. I have gotten to the point that I am the oldest in my district. I'm at Transfer 11 (transfers happen about every month and a half), Sister Naganuma (who served with me before in Shinkotoni) at transfer 9, Sister Yoshimura is on transfer 8, Elder Dupuis at transfer 8, and then Elder Martinson (Elder Paces MTC companion) at transfer 3, and then Elder Bailey at Transfer 1. 

Dang time has gone fast. I feel like I say that often, but it's so true.

Well I guess that's about it for most of the happenings. Our baptismal dates for the 9th didn't work out, but we did rearrange them so that both we and the sisters will be having another baptism on the 30th of January. Being the District Leader also means that I will be performing Baptismal Interviews as well. The Elders in Tomakomai also found a KinJin (golden investigator) that is going to be baptized next month, so we'll get to go see that.

I think that's about it for an update. I hope you all are doing wonderful, and I once again apologize for the lack of a letter.  I'll try not to let it happen again, but if it does know that I do love you all.

I know that this Gospel is true, and I know that our Savior is at the head of it as well. He is here for you and me at anytime. Try asking him about it. I'm sure he'll let you know.