Sunday, January 24, 2016

01/24/2016 | Light, and Dark

Hey how's everyone doing. I feel like that's one of the things that I say a lot. So how was everyone's week? I know mine was strange. I had a very strange week. So basically right now we don't really have a ton of strong investigators besides Ritsuki kun who is getting baptized this Saturday!!!! Yay!!! But because of that it means we have to do a lot of finding. All of the other investigators we've had, are just to busy to meet, dropped off the face of the earth, or just won't progress, so we are out looking for more. Elder Bailey is great. He is full of fire, and wants to talk to literally everyone. Not just so that he can tell the message of the gospel, but also so that he can practice his Japanese so he can get better at telling the message of the gospel. However the only bad thing about this is we are now at the point again where we are literally pinging door after door after door, and not finding anyone. We are talking to everyone, but no one wants to listen to us. It was one of those weeks where you are literally out everyday, and no one says yes. That happens sometimes as a missionary, and it can be a little discouraging sometimes, but the nice thing to remember is that we are trying. As long as we are trying, we won't lose. If people don't listen than I guess that's just too bad for them, but it does make one a little saddened to have the truth, to be full and ready to burst to tell people about it, and then be told that "I have no relation to that" It was a little more of a Dark week in that regard. I'm doing ok, don't be worried or anything like that. Everyone has those days, and everyone has those weeks sometime. The bright side of things is that Ritsuki is getting baptized. He is going through a lot right now actually that I can't mention, and to see that he is pushing forward, and trying to make this covenant with God, and really knows this is right, is honestly a testimony strengthener for me. Though he could use your prayers for some of the trials he is going through right now.

Now I want to take a moment and talk about light. We had interviews with President Nakatsuka 会長 this last week, and one of the main things we talked about together was light. Light is a pretty incredible thing when you think about it. Specifically we talked about the light that is in each of us. We each have the light of Christ, but there is something more. (I have also been studying this a little more myself, not all of this was discussed during our interview) Imagine someone you know that is just always happy, always kind, essentially the most Christ-like person you know. They just have this light about them do they not. Almost like an aura. You can see it in there eyes, and around about them. They are just good people. On the opposite side if you think of someone who is usually not all that happy, and isn't very kind (let's face it those people are out there) there isn't so much of a light that you see. It's like the difference between the Sun, and a glow in the dark sticker. Ever since I came out here, I have had a lot of people tell me that they can just see a light coming from me, and of course, I didn't think that was true. I'm not that kind of person, but something I've realized is that missionaries in and of themselves have a special light. A 伝道 (missionary) Light. Almost like a beacon, or a lighthouse to tell people to come home. So I've decided that rather than running away from that light, and telling myself I don't have it, I'm going to try to discover how to harness it and use it in 伝道. I want to be able to try to send it out, and show people the way home. I think that it will make finding more effective in general, and make me a better person as well. If anyone wants to try to do this with me you can. I basically read the talk that President Monson gave at the last general conference about light, and have been following his advice. He uses 2 specific scriptures that I've built on. Check out some of these scriptures and just see what you think.

Matthew 5:14-16 with emphasis on 16
1 Timothy 4:12
D&C 50:23-24
D&C 88: 40

Just read those, and maybe write down your thoughts somewhere. You can tell me what you think about them if you want. I'm still studying about light and things, and would love some of your help.

I think that's about all I can think of to write out this week. It just happened to be one of those busy things with nothing to write about XD  I guess that happens sometimes.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful last week of January. Fill it up with fun, and remember after the storm comes the calm (I think it comes before too, but meh)