Sunday, January 31, 2016

01/31/2016 | Baptisms, and Broken Backs :)

I swear the subject lines just keep getting better and better don't they?

I am sitting down to write this after what seems like it has been a really long week, for the most part though it was actually short. We spent Monday and Tuesday, finding like normal, and just like last week weren't able to find anyone. Not even a potential investigator was added to our pool. There are just times like that as a missionary though. Sometimes you feel like you are giving your all, and you are working really hard, being extra obedient, and nothing comes. It can be frustrating, but it just reminds me that God is testing us. Does it really matter to us? Or are we only trying super hard because nothing's coming.

Well we kept going, on Wednesday I got to go on splits with my Zone Leader, Elder Heslop. Brought him down here, and we went and hung out. Of course we did dendo. We talked a lot about dendo. We tend to do that though. We get into a lot of good conversations. One thing we talked a lot about was our English Class. We worked together back when I was in Abashiri, he was in my district for a few transfers. Back in Kitami, and Abashiri, the English Classes went pretty well. And his English Class up in Eniwa is also doing super amazing. Our English class had kind of died, before I came here, and currently there are 2 students, and sometimes some members come. 

In talking with him, I decided we needed to kick it up a notch. So I have a request for as many people as can take 1 minute out of their lives for me. I want to make the class more inviting, make it a little less boring, so that when new people do come, they want to come again.
 As part of that I want to use my IPad to make us look all technologically advanced, and not the monkeys with sticks that missionaries used to be (not meant to be offensive, just a stupid joke). 

So I am now asking each one of you, to take 1 minute out of your life, and send me a video of you giving a Self Introduction. I want to know:

Your name
Where you are from
  1. What 3 of your hobbies are and tell me why you like one of those hobbies
  2. Tell me what your favorite food is
  3. What your job is
  4. If you are in school
  5. What you want to do
  6. Tell me about your job
  7. If you are in school, tell me what grade you are in, what you are studying, what your favorite class is, and things like that. 
  8. And then say something awesome. Anything's ok. 

If you could get those sent to me before Thursday that would be awesome, Thanks.

Aaaaanyway. So on Thursday we didn't get to do a whole lot, we did service at an old folks home (we dry the hair of old people after they get out of the bath. Actually not nearly as gross as you'd think) and then we did some planning, and went to a members house that night. On Friday we started putting some stuff together for English class to kind of spice it up, and then English class. It went over fairly well, but we are still just in the beginnings of it. On Saturday we had Ritsuki kun's baptism. It went over flawlessly, and he was way happy to finally be able to be baptized. His family even came to watch it, so it was a very good day for him. We rested the rest of the day, and I'll tell you why a little later. On Sunday, we came to church, and had Ritsuki kun's confirmation, and then I had a talk in Sacrament meeting. I spoke largely about Light, and the same things I talked about in last week’s email, and told everyone to shine. It went over ok, and I think it was good. 

Another really cool thing we got to watch yesterday was a presentation on the area plan for the Asia North Area. It is interesting that this year, the First Presidency has instructed the Area Seventy presidencies to one shorten the area plan, and make it more of a foundation to build off of, and 2 to tell all of the members in that area. That way each area can become more united it all that they do. It was interesting to watch the video, and see just how much people are catching on to it. It is the most simple thing in the world, but it could help this area so much. They basically came out with a theme "In order to live together with Heavenly Father again, We...
  • Love
  • Elevate
  • Simplify
  • Strive
  • Strengthen
  • Invite
And Find Joy in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then with this theme, they have shown people how to make goals, and how to work to do these things, in order to reach the center of it all, which is returning to live with Heavenly Father. It was a really good presentation, and I hope everyone remembers it.

So yeah after that was all done, we once again returned to the apartment to rest. I guess I can tell you why. First of all don't freak out too much, I am still alive, and I'm not dead. As of Wednesday, my back had been giving me some pain. I noticed it, and it wasn't that bad, and sometimes as a missionary you just get that. But it continued to get worse, and finally I was complaining about it on Friday, and someone suggested I call Honda
姉妹 who is kind of like the medical missionary. Basically right now, if I have weight on my spine, if I am standing or sitting, it starts to hurt. So if I'm not laying down I'm in a lot of pain. We still aren't sure 100% as to why, but for now I have been resting, taking medicine to help with the pain, and I will be going to check things out on Wednesday at a hospital. I don't think it is super serious, but we will find out. If I don't find out anything from the Hospital on Wednesday, then President Nakatsuka 会長 will be taking me to see a Chiropractor in a week or two when we go to Sapporo. I am doing ok, but I could use your prayers on my behalf. I feel like I could go out and dendo and just deal through the pain, but I am being told to rest, so that is what I am doing. It does mean though that I don't get to go and find people, so I am praying for a miracle right now. I will let you know a little more next week on the details of things, but for now I am down and out for the count. But I might still sneak a few hours of dendo in this week ;)

Aaaaaand yeah that about fills you in, and brings you up to date with me. If you want a cool scripture, one that I have found comforting through this time is Ether 12:27. It is an interesting one to ponder about. The other thing that I have learned through these past weeks is that it is important to have faith even through the tough, and the dark times. Job went through a lot worse that I am right now, and kept the faith. Maybe God's just testing me like he did Job. I won't lose!!!! This gospel is the most true thing out of anything on the earth, and I know it. It doesn't matter what happens to me, I will not lose the faith!!!!
Have a wonderful week
Elder Eliot