Sunday, February 28, 2016

08/28/2016 | Im back to "looking north" :)

Well I guess it's time to let you know what the happenings have been. I apologize the short email last week. I had things going on that required my time. Sorry :)

Soooo I have been transferred. I thought for sure I had been saved from the winter of Hokkaido, when I was in Muroran. I was so right. I am now in an area called Kitami (literally North, Look) which, I have been in several times before. I was here last year. Back when I was in Abashiri, I was in a district with Kitami. That means, I've been here for DTM's, and Splits, and other small reasons, but it's been nice.

I've gotten to meet a lot of cool people, that I've already met, and get to be friends with them. It's been really fun. My current companion is Elder Vanisi, who was in the MTC with Elder Bailey. He's pretty cool. He is from Provo, UT, and is a Half. His father is Tongan, so he has Polynesian in him, but is way short. Lol. He was a band geek back in High school, and played the Clarinet, as well as the Oboe. He enjoyed it enough to spend over 10000¥ on a Clarinet last Monday, and has been playing it around the apartment. He is really fun.

For the first time in my mission, I am in an apartment with 4 elders. Our roommates, are Elder Tate (who was in the MTC with me, and came out one transfer later) and Elder Murdock, who is also from the MTC with Elder Bailey and Elder Vanisi. It's been fun getting to know them better.

Kitami is a nice area. It is a little more city-ish, but still nothing like Sapporo. More city than Muroran, and Abashiri, but less than Otaru, and Sapporo. If you can picture that... Anyway. So we currently have 4 investigators we are focusing on. I haven't met 2 of them yet, so I haven't gotten to know them to well yet, but the first one is Kudou San. She is an older lady that is honestly trying to find her path in life, and is a legitimate Investigating Investigator. She is very kind, and supposedly feeds us every time we go over.

Next is Yanagida San. She is the mother of our current Ward Mission Leader. He is a convert of 4 years, and just got back from his mission a little while ago. Now his parents are investigating, and his mother is our investigator. Supposedly the parents relationship isn't the best, so we are teaching them separately. The other Elder's teach the Dad.

3rd is Kazama San. She is a young mother that lives near the church, and had seen the missionaries multiple times, and was curious. She has read the Book of Mormon a little bit, and prayed, and apparently has received an answer. I still don't know what that answer is, because we haven't had a chance to meet with her for a good long time. We have an appointment with her this week however, and will hopefully make a baptismal date.

Last is a family named the Nohara's. There is Nohara San who is the mother, she is Japanese, and then their dad is German. He works all over the world as a consultant for something... So he isn't at home, but then they have 2 daughters named Julia, and Emily. Julia is in Jr. High, and speaks English very very well, and Emily is 9 years old, and is better than she lets on. They are a family I met last year when I was here, and they have been prepared for a while. They are extremely kind, and have genuine interest in Jesus Christ. So much so to the point the the 2 times I've met them, we weren't planning on teaching them anything, but they just started asking us all about Jesus Christ, and so we teach them. They have a lot of potential, and are probably some of my favorite people on this Island.

Well I think that about sums up my time. I'm really excited to work here. I get to come see the fruit of the seeds that I helped place here, and I even get to return to Abashiri. I'm going back this week for splits, so I'll get to see that fruit as well. A little sad to leave Muroran, but I am way excited to work up here. I love everyone so much, and yeah. I will sign of now I guess.

See you next week
Elder Eliot