Wednesday, March 25, 2015

03/25/2015 | New Companion FB Rules

Elders' Eliot and Francis

Hey everybody. It's been a long week. Probably because it's been over a week. So this whole week I spent some time in Kitami with an elder named Elder Stevens. He is on the same transfer as me, so our Japanese is about the same level. It was interesting.
We did have iPad training. We don't have iPad's yet, we will be getting them in April, and I do have exciting news, I won't have to unfriend/block anybody. I will have to sort everyone into groups, and I can't look at your timelines, or anything like that, but you are allowed to look at mine, and I encourage you too. You are allowed to comment on my posts and things, but be careful please. Remember that whatever you say will be seen by my mission president, as well as my investigators, as well as other members in the mission. So you can do it, but please be careful. Also, I am not allowed to message anybody, and you are not allowed to message me. If it occurs, I am required to unfriend/block you. I'm trying to be 100% obedient, so please don't make me have to do that. I'm just way stoked that I won't have to unfriend you all. Another change, is that I will be able to read emails all throughout the week. So you can send me emails whenever, and I'll be able to read them. However, I can only respond on P-day still. So that's that. I'll let you know more details as I learn them.

Other then that, oh yeah there was a transfer. I Have an awesome new companion named Elder Francis. He is sooooo coool. I love him already. He is from Mapleton, Utah, and is 6'2" so we see eye to eye on most things (bud dumm crash) I've got a picture for you all.
Well I'm out of time for this week so I'll let you know a little bit more next week, and I'll send some more pictures as well. Hopefully with having access to email a little more, I'll be able to get more details in throughout the week. Hope everyone is awesome
Lot's of love
Elder Eliot
P.P.S. This church is True. I know it.
Learn it. Live it. Love it.

(His letter to Dad)

I miss you too!!!!
It's ok. It is going by so fast, it'll be over before you know it. Plus next transfer I get to skype you. So that'll be fun. My new companion's name is Elder Francis. He is from Mapleton. He has been a year and a half. He is on transfer 13 right now. (that means he is possibly going to replace me in Abashiri, so I might be transfering somewhere else next transfer). Yes I'm still in Abashiri, and I love it. The snow is melting..... sort of..... It was way hot last week in Kitami, and Sapporo, and the snow had been melting in Abashiri, but these past 3 days it has been snowing again. YAY!!!!!! It is weird though it is supposed to stop as of today, and it currently isn't snowing. It is cold though. But it is supposed to be way warm this Saturday. It's going to get up to 15 C. That's warm. Well congrats on finishing your project. I'll teach you some Japanese culture/ language real quick. O tsukare sama desu. It is something people say to someone and kind of translates as ''thank you for your hard work'' it's a weird translation, but the word tsukaretta is the be fatigued, so it's like saying wow you look fatigued, and then using the sama makes it polite, and yeah. I could explain it better in person, but for now, O tsukare sama desu.

Well I don't think I'll be able to baptise 20 people this week, but there is one guy that I am very hopeful for this transfer.... Soo... yeah. I'll give you more details later, but for now just keep him in your prayers please.
Love you a ton. (btw there is no king of Hokkaido. That's me, and I've already been baptised)
Have a good week.
Elder Eliot