Sunday, March 8, 2015

Moroni 10


This week we went to Sapporo for Mission Tour. We had Pres. Ringwood of the Asian North area come and speak to us. He taught us about the spirit, and ways that we can see more baptisms. There wasn't really a theme to it. To be entirely honest, I'm not sure if he actually prepared anything. He came down and asked if we had any questions, and then the rest of his talk was about those questions. He expounded on Moroni chapter 10, and it was very interesting. You should all go back and read it again. Get deep into it. Moroni EXORTS us to do 8 things. I challenge you to find those 8 things, and then doing those things, pray again to receive the confirmation of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

So yeah that was really cool. Other than that we have just been doing a lot of finding. Still haven't had to much success from it, but we do have some prospective's that are looking OK. Yup other than that, haven't had a lot going on this week. We are going today to the Abashiri Prison. Abashiri is well known for the old prison it used to have, and they made a museum for it that we are going to today. There is also an actual prison that all of the really bad people go to here. Its basically the place where if the FBI's most wanted were in Japan, and got caught, they would go there before being extradited. Kind of exciting. I'll send you pictures of that next week. Just while I'm thinking of it, Next week I'll probably say this again, but in 2 weeks, P-Day is changed from that Monday, to the Wednesday. So in 2 weeks when I don't email, don't worry, I am alive and well. We are just receiving IPAD TRAINING!!!!! Along with that includes getting to use Facebook for mission purposes. I have heard a lot of rumors about how that works, and it seems like one thing that we are required to do is block all of our previous friends, or something like that. So once again, if that happens I promise I still love you, I'm just trying to be obedient. Don't know to many details about that yet though so... yeah.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Love you all.
Elder Eliot