Sunday, March 29, 2015

03/29/2015 | Bringing People to Christ

Abashiri Japan
It's officaial. You can not get a better companion then Elder Francis. He is so amazing. He is just full of Charity, and Selflessness. We get along soooooo well. This week, we worked like extremely hard. Our numbers were pretty high, especially for only having about a half week. it was way awesome. But the thing is, It didn't feel like the work was "hard" We had so much fun doing it. We were able to contact several people, and teach as well, and it was just fun. Bringing people unto Christ is literally the best thing you can do. I highly recommend, and challenge everyone to try to bring someone unto Christ at least once everyday. You'll thank me for it. Trust me.

Lake Abashiri

So last week for P-Day we wound up going to this pretty cool museum of a bunch of people that lived in the Abashiri area a long time ago. It was discovered in 1913, but it was pretty neat. They were called the Moyoro people. They hunted bears, and fish, and whales. They also worshiped bear skulls. One interesting thing about them was the way that they buried their dead. They would dig a pretty small hole, and lay the body in it, and then bend their arms and legs up till they broke, and would fit in with the body. (this is just a quote from the English translation devices we had. It wasn't that bad of a translation, but it also was obviously translated). It was very interesting. Today (for P-day) we are going to go exploring, and find some cool pictures. Elder Francis is a photographer, so we are going picture hunting.

I can't give any details, but please keep our investigator Haruki san in your prayers. I feel very strongly that we can get him baptised this transfer. Please add your prayers to the pool.

Also last thing. I gave another talk in Church yesterday. I talked all about Testimony. I used one of the things that we taught scouts and young women at the C.O.P.E course at camp.

1. Only a fool doesn't fear. 
If you don't have fears, I'm sorry you are just stupid. Fear is a good thing to have

2. Only a coward doesn't face his fears.
Fear is ok to have, but you shouldn't let it control you either. Face those fears.

3. A wise man always has a belay.
(A belay is the thing that you use in rock climbing to keep you from dying when you fall. It is one of the safety things to help you face your fear, have fun, and not die).
Don't try to go up a wall without your rope, and belay. The rope is like your testimony. Don't go searching things that could cause you to fall and die if you don't have your safety rope.
Also just another cool thing. The person that works the belay is none other then Jesus Christ. As long as you have the rope, and you have it connected to you, you won't be going anywhere.

Church is true, the book is blue. Jesus was a Mormon too.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Elder Kelson Eliot

P.S. sorry no pictures this week. I'll send a lot next week though.
Love you