Monday, March 16, 2015

Transfers Are Coming (and iPad training!)


Abashiri (after Winter!)

Hey Everyone.
So this week has been busy. We worked very hard, because Elder Asato is going home. He is all done with his mission now. That means, yup you know it. Tomorrow I get a transfer call, and then I get to go find my new companion next week WOOT. It also means that I am in Kitami all week this week. I am Dendoing with Elder Stephens. He is an elder that came out with me. We are the same transfer age. He's way cool. But yeah this week Elder Asato has to go home, and Transfer's aren't until next Monday (because everyone is going to be in Sapporo anyway for iPad training) so I am in Kitami this week. 

Last week was fun. We went to the Abashiri Prison. Abashiri is well known for the prison that houses Japans most wanted. Basically if you do something really bad, you get sent to Abashiri. It's been that way for a while, and they have a museum to talk about the old prison. What it was like for the prisoners, and such. It turns out, that the old prisoners are actually responsible for building the first road from Abashiri to Asahikawa, which is still used today. (you can look up on a map that road). It was way neat. I don't have time to send pictures this week, so I'll send them out next week. Which reminds me. P-Day next week is on Wednesday. Just FYI. 

Anyway so last week we worked hard, and now we have investigators in Abashiri. WOOT. I've got to say that ringing doorbells has gotten a little tiring. One specific one is a Guy named Haruki san. He is way way cool. I've discovered that teaching is one of my favorite parts of my mission. We taught him last saturday, and it was way fun. He listens to everything we say, and wants to learn. It is way neat. We taught him about prophets and prayer, and he said he would pray. That's cool. When we help bring people to Christ we feel way good. I'll tell you what that is a good feeling. Try it some time. 

Well thats my time for the week. Love you all.
See you next week (on Wednesday)
Elder Eliot