Sunday, August 2, 2015

08/02/2015 | Just a Quick One


Great baptism

No difference at all!?
Just a quick one this week.

I want to tell you about how something is really awesome. And it was not this English.

So the guy that was baptized last month, Matsunogo Yuuki, is going on a mission for the church. How awesome is that! He is a little tight on money, so he's planning to head out in about 2 years, but he's planning, and preparing. He went with us twice this week to do missionary stuff. On Tuesday, we did a role play lesson with him, and he bore a very powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. After which, and Friday, we went housing with him. In both aspects, he was a little nervous, and you could tell, but he was willing to do so, and that is a way good trait. He is so much fun.

Other than that, the rest of this week was normal. Nothing insanely different to report on. My body is doing good, and I'm healthy. Everyone keep a prayer out for my mom please. She has broken her foot, and is going to take some time to recover. Thanks much.

Quick spiritual thought. This week, I started reading the Book of Mormon again, but this time I am reading it in my mission language. It's pretty difficult, because it's not only a different language, but
a different alphabet. But I am getting more out of it, because I have to go slow, and look words up every once in a while. But I'm not even through 1 Nephi, and already I can feel the truthfulness of it. Just because I can't understand everything, but it's still very good. If you can I challenge you to read the scriptures in a language other than your native tongue. If not just read them anyway.

Elder Eliot