Sunday, August 16, 2015

08/16/2015 | Weddings, Birthdays, Emergency Transfers

Yes they can be silly!

Well, this was not a normal week. This week was full of adventures.

First thing I'd like to mention, is back when I was a bean. I don't know of you remember the emails back from that time, but I'm pretty sure I talked about just how nice Japanese people are. Well I've found that to not be true. This last Wednesday, we were on splits with the Zone Leaders, so I got to go on my first split where I was effectively Senior. I got to go with Elder Kashiwa who is currently on his 4th Transfer, so that was fun. But while we were on splits, we visited a less active member, and he seemed all smiles, and then Kashiwa 長老 asked him "元気ですか" Which translates essentially to "How are you" and he flipped. If I were to give a rough translation, this is what he said. "Are you kidding me? With the way the weather has been lately, why on earth would you ask me how I'm doing? What are you even thinking. Obviously you don't have a brain. Go home right now (帰ってくれ) I'm fed up with you (ぼくはやだ~)" (now just imagine him almost yelling, and probably swearing had it been in English, and you know what it was like) He was quite rude, and kind of set our mood for that day. The rest of that day was kinda まま… but meh. I guess those days happen. 

But we did have a very fun time on Saturday. An old member of Shinkotoni, who is currently living in Tokyo, got married, and wanted to come back so that all her old friends from this area could celebrate her reception party with her. She also wanted to try to use it as an opportunity to introduce everyone to the church, so she decided to have the reception at the church, and we set it all up nice and fancy so that when people came in, we could give them a tour of the church, and explain what we believe and stuff like that. Then we sang "I am a Child of God" for part of it, and mingled with everyone the rest of the time. It turned out to be really good, and she had a really good message to show everyone about families. Here's a link to the video if you'd like to check it out. Families Can Be Together Forever. In watching it, and seeing what a cute couple they were, it was reaffirmed to me that I do want to live with my family forever. #Loveyouall<3
It was a very fun experiences, and we got to make a few new friends.

And then finally, Yesterday (Sunday) Was my dear beloved companion, Elder Birch's Birthday. He turned 20 which means now in Japan he is officially an Adult! Now he can buy Sake, and Cigarettes, and Beer... PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he's rolling his eyes at me though, so we probably won't be doing that anytime soon... Meh oh well. #keepthecommandments #missionaryhashtags
So for that, we went to our favorite members house, and had wonderful dinner. They were a ton of fun to play with, and we had a blast. But now he isn't a teenager anymore. He's gotten all mature and stuff... Meh I can live with it.

Anyway... It was a good week. Hope everyone else is doing well, and had a good week. 
Remember to Love everyone. It's a commandment. Do it.

See you all next week.


Oh whoops forgot about the transfer. So there was a missionary, that had a rather bad bike accident, and has to go home to get surgery, so Sister Wallwork, from our district is transferring in to her old area. And then Sister Mori is coming up from Hakodate to be with Sister Barr, which makes Sister Barr Senpai now. 

A prayer

Nice hike

Want to sleep on this? The Floor! Kelson does!

We have a message for you! 

Before the baptism

Good-bye to mission parents

P-day activity

Church activity

Elder Birch, Kelson's new companion

More fun

Not sure, if they were driving, I'd get it!

Hmmm. Rice

Lot's of smiles, and peace!