Sunday, August 9, 2015

08/09/2015 | Hmm... Another Week


This week was pretty.... normal again. I know everyone is probably sick and tired of hearing it, but there really just isn't anything HUGE happening. We had a really fun activity with 2 zones (groups of missionaries) at Atsubetsu on Monday. Everyone came and just brought random props from their
apartments, and we separated into groups and had to make a skit, and a rap. It was quite entertaining. The rest of the days we just did 伝道.  Didn't have exploding success, but we did meet some people we'll get to meet again this week, so maybe I'll get something to talk about more next week.

I will say though, sometimes listening to the small promptings of the spirit is good. Yesterday, we got back from Dinner with some members, and my head was splitting. My head hasn't hurt that much since the week before we pit on Peter Pan. It was bad, but we got back and I took medicine, but once again, normally it doesn't kick in till about an hour later, so to keep it from hurting, I laid down on my bed with a pillow on my face, and it still hurt. Alot. And I had the thought to try using a rice bag that you heat up and use for back pain. But I didn't want to get up, so I ignored it, but I thought about it again, and then my beloved companion mentioned it as well. So I fought the pain, and got up and heated it up, and used it. My headache was gone within 4 min. 癒しだった。Sometimes, we get those small promptings. If I had continued to have a headache, I'm sure life would've gone on normally, but Heavenly Father, loves me, and doesn't want me to feel pain. So he helped me, but it was still my choice. Look at that I just through 3 principles into one thought. God really does love us and want to help us, but we have to give him our heart. And then he will lead us where we should go.

To this I testify
have a wonderful week.
Elder Eliot