Sunday, November 1, 2015

11/01/2015 | A week of business, a baptism, and an awesome miracle!

11/01/2015 | A week of business, a baptism, and an awesome miracle!

The Shibuya's Baptism

Well the weeks continue to shoot by like days, and me and Elder Pace are working our butts off trying to use all of our time. So this week was Halloween. Don't have a lot of time to talk about it, but suffice it to say that it was really busy. The missionaries were in charge of the party, so we had to get it all put together and running. There will be lots of pictures to explain the business. OK enough suspense.

To clear all of your fears, I'll tell you right off the bat, we did have a baptism!!! The Shibuya's were safely brought to the font, and have been confirmed, and are now the newest members of Muroran Ward (congregation). They're even already throwing referrals our way. They are way awesome! So so so so blessed to get to see them from the beginning to the end. The baptism went over flawlessly (except our organ died, but meh) and they are ready to push to make it to the temple in a year. I have been so blessed to get to work with them, and am excited to keep pushing them till they are ready to be on their own. I want to thank everyone for your prayers on their behalf. I know that it did help. There were several miracles found for them in getting ready. Thank you very much.

Now if I could ask for your help, this will be where I talk about the other miracle that took place this week. So I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but ever since I arrived in Muroran, I have been studying Shuwa (Japanese Sign Language, or "Hand Talk") because we have a member who teaches it, and we have an investigator who is deaf. Go figure it is easier to learn than ASL, but it's been a lot of fun. So our investigator (Itabayashi San) that is deaf came to the baptism. The member that is fluent in Shuwa translated, and he had a really good experience. After the baptism we had a chance to talk with him, and we taught him about baptism, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and when we asked if he would like to be baptized, he said Yes!!! We were able to set a date for the 19th, of December, and he even came to church for the confirmation yesterday!!! He's way solid, and now that we are focusing harder on him, we are going to be learning Shuwa twice a week instead of 1 so yeah. I am going to be fluent in 2 languages when I come home, you know. No big deal. :) But seriously, I really do love this guy. We've been meeting with him for a little while now, and he is funny, fun, and just a loving guy. He is already very Christ-like so I'm excited for him. If you could keep him in your prayers, I would appreciate it. Maybe I'll get to see 1 more baptism before I head out of Muroran. The sister's also were able to set a date for Dec. 19 with their investigator Tsurumaki San who also came to the baptism. If you kept her in your prayers as well, I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Thanks so much for all everyone does. Make sure you don't get too fat from all that Halloween Candy. It goes straight to your thighs. Just ask Aunt Marge from Harry Potter. (Number 3) she'll tell you.

Go have a great week.

Elder Eliot

Eating (a lot) out! (I think you pay by the plate, see the conveyor belt of food?)

Elder Paces first taste of raw fish sushi!
Ouch! More food!

Quadruple Selfie!

Even more food!


Elder Pace and Elder Eliot

Elder someone, Rostedt, Eliot, and Pace

Gotta wash it down!

Elder Pace likes all sodas!