Sunday, November 8, 2015

11/08/2015 | It's Been Another Week

Hallooween Party
Well, I guess it's time to start writing an email I guess. We didn't really have a ton that I can write about, so I guess I'll try my best!

First I'll give you an update on some people. The Shibuya's are doing wonderful. They have been mailing me frequently this past week asking questions about words in the scriptures, and stuff like that. They are moving on to become good strong ward members. I'm way excited to see the growth in them. The bishop is currently thinking about callings for them, and it looks like next week, Youji is going to get the priesthood. They are solid. Next Itabayashi San, not much to report except that this past week I've really been focusing hard on my sign language skills, and I'm feeling confident and ready for the lesson we have on Wed. (Though I was feeling confident when I got out of the MTC as well, and I couldn't speak Japanese worth crap) I'll at least try. For some reason sign language is easier than the actual language, not sure why. Can't be the gift of tongues, because it's my hands not my mouth. But yeah that's the end of that.

And then one more guy to add to the list. We went down to an area further away last week called Bokoi. While trying to find a PI (which was impossible to find) we pinged on the door of a house that was way out of the way. I figured we should just start housing a little bit, and asking people where this PI might live, and theirs  was a house that I saw and just felt as though I was being pulled to it. Spiritual ropes, or something, but we went and rung the doorbell, and nobody came, so we were about to leave when a cat came out of nowhere, and of course, I couldn't resist. It was a kitten too, so of course I Had to try to pet it. While I was following it around the side of the house, and attempting to coax the cat to me (taking about 5 minutes in doing so), another side door opens, and startles me. A guy walks out, and so of course I say hello, all embarrassed getting caught playing with his cats, and start talking with him. He turns out to be way cool, tells us he is a nurse, and works as a "helper" somewhere. Currently he is in a break from his job to be at school. He has a Bible, and so we talked about the talking donkey (Numbers Chapter 26ish) and then of course the Book of Mormon. We made an appointment to come back, and the whole time he was just being a way cool cat, and He had interest, and really I'm just really excited to go back this week. His name is Daisuke (daheesookeh) Ookoshi (ohkohshee), way cool guy. Totally led to him by the spirit.

Well that's about my time for the week, so We'll see everyone next week.
Love to all!!
Elder Eliot