Sunday, November 22, 2015

11/22/2015 | A week. Lots of 手話 (sign language). And Stake Conference.


Hey everyone.
Happy Labor Day in Japan. Hope you all had a good week. Ours was pretty good. We had Zone conference this week and got to hear some great workshops by Pres Nakatsuka, as well as our AP's (assistants to the president) Elder Day, and Elder Yoza. That was fun.

We were able to teach Itabayashi san and Daisuke san this week as well. Itabayashi san is well on his way to being baptized. We taught him the rest of the Commandments, and He was totally willing to obey all of them. We get to go again tomorrow to teach him about priesthood, and temples. Way excited. He is just progressing right along and heading towards the water. As for Daisuke, we were able to teach The Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him in one sitting. He really liked it, and told us that he is 100% going to get baptized. Said he wasn't so sure about the 26th, and he still isn't sure when, but I don't feel to worried about it. I think if we work hard, and teach him right, he will be able to get all whited out and wet. It was really fun talking with him about just being a missionary. He even straight up gave us advice on being Bold as we teach. It was pretty funny.

Haven't had a chance to do another lesson with Ritsuki kun yet, but he did come all the way up to Sapporo for stake conference yesterday, and we were able to talk with his Mom and get permission to continue teaching him. So he's ready to trudge forward too. The stake (6 or so congregations or wards are under a stake) president even mentioned him in his talk yesterday. He was pretty happy about that.

We were able to have a fun Sports activity this Saturday as well. All the young men and Women and their friends came, and we played sports at a gym near our apartment. I discovered I can push out my diaphragm far enough that I look 3 months pregnant, and it entertained them quite a bit. They all loved it especially when I would push out my stomach and serve the ball, and then fall over in fake pain. It was quite the adventure...

Anyway now that you have that info you probably didn't care about, I just have to mention how much more I know that the Book of Mormon is Gods word. I am now at Alma 31 in my reading in the Japanese モルモン書。I've been impressed that the language is different, but that it, the meaning is the same, the stories are the same, and the spirit is the same. Even across the language boundaries it emanates a spirit that just says, it is true. The wonderful Promise of Moroni works for all people
in any language in any place on the earth even in the little apartment of the Elders of Muroran. Read it. You can feel it to. Be it English, Japanese, Spanish, or Braille. You too can know. I promise that to you.

Well Im gonna be done for this week. This week is transfers, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Until next week.
Elder Eliot